Our specialities

ESG Communication

ESG rating agencies follow company activities in several ways, among which the various media platforms. We support you by optimising the public perception of your strategic ESG fields by beginning with a status analysis. Be aware, that – from our point of view – focusing on ESG topics is a very strategic decision. It will influence the whole company. 

Crisis Communication 
Litigation PR

Crisis communication and Litigation PR have been the main part of our business for years now. When it gets tough or too complex, we are there to help. When the other side gets aggressive, we know we are being taken seriously.

Employer Branding

The most important dialogue partners are your employees and that is often forgotten. We develop concepts and follow through with their implementation, thereby keeping employee fluctuation to a minimum. Right Employer Branding leads to saving costs and increasing the company’s efficiency.  

Political Communication

One of the most complex disciplines is that of political communication. We have a deep knowledge of the processes within Austria, and of some areas in other countries. The key here is understanding the stakeholders and their positions on the relevant topics. This means being on top of the latest developments, which takes time, time we are happy to invest in order to give the best possible advice.  

Personal Branding

When positioning somebody, only one thing matters: authenticity. That is why we are super careful about mapping out the concept and the processes. We begin with a personality analysis and end with the right choice of media. This is long-term work which guarantees sustainability. Step-by-step positioning means we avoid the pitfalls.